Capsule Integration

Usability testing
UI Design
UX Design
Role: Product Designer
Duration: Jan 2022 - Jun 2022

Capsule CRM and (an email marketing platform) combine in a fast way to sign up to Transpond and as a fully-featured sidebar integration.

A new partnership is formed (Previously MPZ mail) recently partnered with the Zestia group who are responsible for Capsule CRM. With this partnership came the opportunity to build a dedicated integration for Transpond within Capsule

Aims & Requirements

This work was to cater for long-standing customer requests asking for more email marketing tools available within Capsule - which reflected a shift in the CRM market and the greater need to have an all-in-one solution.

Capsule acquired who already had a very successful email marketing product. This project aimed to give customers a quick and easy means to integrate their existing or create a new account with Transpond so as to enable them to get started with Transpond quickly and also immediatly see the features and benefits within the capsule UI.

I was responsible for virtually the entire design process. From customer and stakeholder empathy to defining the problem, ideating through possible solutions, prototyping and testing with internal and external stakeholders and users.

Customer Insights & Empathy

Long-standing customer feedback from exit surveys, interviews and feature suggestions expressed our customer's desire for more email marketing tools within Capsule. The previously built Email features project layed the foundations for email marketing within the Capsule platform. It was time to provide our customers with much more.

Transpond (previously MPZ Mail) had a great platform and an integration with Capsule which worked beautifully. The problem was that this was a one-way integration meaning that customers who used both Capsule and Transpond, had no view of their customers marketing activity within Capsule. They therefore had to context switch between both applications.

Defining the problem

We further defined the problem we were trying to and wanted to gather as much insight into the customer needs, business needs, technical and design needs. After we had collated a satisfactory amount of customers survey data and feedback. These further helped us understand the breadth and depth of the problem and help us understand the 'How' behing the problem.

The 'How'

From the above workshop, it became clear that a solution was going to be comprised of multiple moving parts. We needed methods to upsella and inform the new features to customers within the app in order help drive understanding and adoption, whilst equally considering the user experience of creating a new or linking an existing Transpond account.

User Journey

In order to help drive adoption, customers needed an almost seamless journey of signing up to Transpond or merging their existing account data. For customers who already had a transpond account which contained Capsule data, this experience needed to be both reliable, robust and offer features that helped nurture trust in the integration.

  1. Capsule customers can discover the integration in one of two places initially, the Contact view and the integrations dashboard
  2. Customers must have a means to confirm their details before signing up to Transpond and be presented with proper system status indicating the progress of their data import
  3. When their account is creates or linked, customers must be shown proper success of their action from within their new / existing account
  4. Customers must be able to get back to where they were in Capsule with the integration now active

Rapid Prototyping

Due to the nature of the project's deadline and the need for multiple team disciplines to work in parallel, rapid high-fidelity prototypes were created with ease, at little cost and reviewed internally. Feedback for the prototypes from a select group of Beta testers, provided enough evidence for what customers needed without having to resort to a full project cycle that involved time costly customer interviews and workshops.

Walkthroughs & Usability Testing

Usability sessions were set up with selected customers who both use Transpond themselves and expressed a strong desire for an integration for Capsule to be built. Changes were made after receiving compelling feedback from customers during one-to-one usability sessions.

The customers expressed a need to see the results of their email campaigns in a clearer way, rather than an aggregated view or campaign metrics. The results of feedback was a simplified widget view and we pulled email campaign information up-front instead of hiding the specifics behind an extra two-clicks.

A healthy uptake

There was an increase in the number of Capsule customers signing up for Transpond accounts. These figures are a general indicator of the success of this project.

In addition, qualitative data regarding to what parts of the new UI were being used was performed using the Pendo application and showed a healthy adoption of the features of the integration itself.

There are other areas where transpond could have been integrated into the Capsule UI, but these ideas were kept for a later date. This first (albeit ambitious) step forward offered a path for customers to finally have a marketing platform integration that was tightly coupled with Capsule.