Andy J Elliot

UI & UX Designer / Developer

Nice to meet you · はじめまして

I'm a UK based UI / UX & Product Designer with a love of simple, elegant and beautiful digital things and a passion for pixel perfection.

A little more about me

Hey there! I'm an all round design lover with a working history and knowledge of designing and building highly usable web applications, products and experiences.

I merge a history of engineering curiosity and attention to detail with a passion of designing beautiful, simple, usable and enriching user-centered experiences.

For the past 6 Years I have been working with the lovely folk at Capsule helping them design, build and maintain their wonderfully simple online CRM.

Skills and technologies

I pride myself on being fortunate to have had a taste of many aspects of the product design and development process - I am able to bridge the gap between design and development.

UI Design · UX Design · User-Centered Design · Style Guides & Pattern Libraries · A/B Testing · Interaction Design · Low and High Fidelity Prototyping · Concepting · Design Communication · Responsive Web Design · Wireframing · Agile Design

HTML · SCSS · CSS · Javascript · Illustration · Jigsaw (Php) · Jekyll · Ember · PHP · C# · Wordpress · Sitecore CMS · Umbraco CMS

Work & Projects

Just for fun
Capsule Marketing Site Development
Capsule CRM
Personal Portfolio and Blog
In-app Email Feature
Capsule CRM
Let'sGo Travel App
Obento App
Capsule App Signup Process
Capsule CRM
In-app getting started modal
Capsule CRM
Capsule Blog Re-design
Capsule CRM
Sales Opportunities Kanban Board Design
Capsule CRM
Build-it yourself pipeline illustration
Capsule CRM
Data Cruncher illustration
Capsule CRM
DWF Homepage Development - Umbraco
Code Computerlove
Amnesty International Site Development
Code Computerlove
Oxfam UK Site Development
Code Computerlove
Woodland Trust & Memories Campaign Site
Code Computerlove
Chester Zoo Site & Mobile App
Code Computerlove
Chester Zoo Islands Promotion Site
Code Computerlove
Visit Blackpool Campaign Site
Code Computerlove
Seaworld Parks Site Development
Code Computerlove

Currently Reading

User Friendly
Cliff Kuang
Designing for People
Henry Dreyfuss
Lord of the rings trilogy
J. R. R. Tolkien