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Some kind words

I've had the pleasure of working with many amazing people over the years, but how have I impacted them and their work?

Andy is a talented and meticulous designer who holds users at the heart of every design decision.

Nathalie Christmann-Cooper

Byway Travel

One of Andy's highlights is his ability to imagine and deliver a perfect range of design concepts, from low fidelity wireframes up to polished high fidelity deliverables.

Dominique Briggs

Head Of Design, Capsule CRM

Excellent, detailed observations about what could be improved with my project with clear actions provided. Andy was very positive and gave suggestions in an honest but tactful way.

Jennifer Jones

Product Design Mentee

Andy demonstrated exceptional expertise and a genuine commitment to helping me enhance my skills as a product designer. His valuable insights and recommendations proved instrumental in my development.

Summary Chang

Product Design Mentee

I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing people...

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Just for fun

I love to experiment and try new ideas on a daily basis. Stretching my design beyond my comfort zones is a great way to grow.

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