Letsgo.to collaborative travel app concept

Brand Design
UI Design
UX Design
Work In Progress
Role: Product Designer

A self-initiated project to explore a concept for a collaborative travel app that makes planning a trip between a group of people fun and simple

It's time to travel!

Now that the world is opening up again, it's time to travel! Unfortunately organising a trip between a group of geographically separate people can be a chore, we have to use a bunch of different tools and link them together in a way that can be disjointed and key ideas and information can easily fall through the cracks, that's there letsgo comes in.

Building trust from first glance

With the lockdown being over, this type of application is a sought-after need as trip plans are back in motion. With the design of this app it was important to look like a dependable resource for everyone's long-awaited trips. Now, letsgo has given users a firm handshake and welcomes them into their offerings with a muted palette and serif typefaces that feel dependable and natural.

The result is a brand that feels dependable and natural, perfectly suited to the type of application Letsgo is offering.

Work in progress

I continue to explore this concept in my own time as a challenge to myself and use this as a relatable case study where I can explore and apply new design ideas.